A note on mind-body problem

We assume brain causes mind, and the evidence of this is that if you change the brain you change the mind. This is a good argument, but if we assume consciousness is Chalmerian and primary to the universe we could shrug and say well, imagine another set up: a light that is reflected through a lens and whenever we change the lens the light we observe changes. But the lenses do not cause the light.

What if consciousness can only be reflected – and concentrated – through the lenses of systems that are sufficiently complex? Just as sunlight can be focused through a lens and create a fire, certain complex systems can focus consciousness of the cosmos and create an individual.

The analogy seems to break since the fire is not immediately extinguished when the lens breaks – but over time the fire goes out.

Individual awareness as cosmic consciousness focused through systems of sufficient and specific complexity. Of course, I can feel Occam’s razor against my throat at this point. But still.

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