"Det svåraste är här att låta obestämdheten riktigt och oförfalskat komma till uttryck."

April 20, 2014

Daily Archives: April 13, 2012

The Fear of Facebook and the Ellulian illusion

The Atlantic has an article in its latest issue about the new loneliness that we suffer from even though we are more densely connected through social networks than ever before. It goes on to explore the notion that Facebook is a part of the problem: The question of the future is this: Is Facebook part of the separating or part of the congregating; is it a huddling-together for warmth or a shuffling-away in pain? It is hard to read the article and not feel that it is another one in the long array of neo-luddite texts that want to make …continue reading

Sweden-bound next week

This Sunday I am going to Sweden for a week. It is the first time since Christmas, so really not that long since last time. The reason I am going is the Stockholm Internet Forum. I will speak on one of the panels and I am looking forward to listening to all of the others. This is an event that I have been looking forward to. Sweden in April can be both fantastic and horrendously cold/rainy. I hope that Stockholm shows itself from its most beautiful side for the visitors. And I know that the discussions will be worthwhile no …continue reading