"Det svåraste är här att låta obestämdheten riktigt och oförfalskat komma till uttryck."

April 18, 2014

Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Turing tests II: Wittgenstein and Voigt-Kampff

Could a machine think? — Could it be in pain? — Well is the human body to be called such a machine? It surely comes as close as possible to being such a machine. But a machine surely cannot think! — Is that an empirical statement? No. We only say of a human being and what is like on that it thinks. We also say it of dolls and no doubt of spirits too. Look at the word “to think” as a tool. Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations 359-360 Wittgenstein’s note comes to mind as I continue thinking about Turing tests. …continue reading

CINAC, and the false sense of scientific robustness

Recently, reading texts of scientific method and rigorous thinking in general, I have been struck by how many people who believe that the world would be better if people just knew the fundamentals of the scientific method. When I ask what that is everyone agrees that it is best captured by the acronym CINAC. Correlation is not a cause. This is of course correct. In the image above the observer who thinks that b causes c only because they are correlated via z is wrong. It is a that causes both b and c. The same logical mistake has been …continue reading