"Det svåraste är här att låta obestämdheten riktigt och oförfalskat komma till uttryck."

April 16, 2014

Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

Scientific Discovery Games and the organization of science in our societies

It would be possible to classify societies based on how they organize science. I would posit that the more advanced a society becomes, the better it becomes at utilizing the entire social organization in discovering new truths and doing science. A society in which there is no citizen science is a much less developed one than the ones in which citizens co-publish with experts in peer-reviewed journals. A citizen-scientific society needs to resolve a lot of institutional conundrums. It needs to adopt a view of scientific knowledge that allows wide-spread sharing of that knowledge (addressing the issue of academic copyrights), …continue reading

From blog posts to notes and apologies…

There is an interesting difference between blog posts and notes, at least I find I think of them as different things. For me blog posts should be written with an audience in mind. Notes, however, van just be assembled as reminders and notes to yourself. But maybe that difference is less thought-through than I would like. I have been thinking about what it would mean to share reading notes more widely, or just have them more accessible. Especially for books that should be read more slowly, like philosophical works. I mean, one could post blog post after blog post about …continue reading